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Weight management is all about striking the right balance

Healthy eating is about ensuring that you not only eat the right quality of food but also the right quantities

Whether you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, control or lose weight, you need to select food that when eaten together will give you all the essential nutrients without excess calories or fat

Here’s Vibe’s quick guide on what you should be doing:

Tip 1 Foods that are plant or grain based should make up the bulk of your diet i.e. bread, cereal, rice and pasta

Tip 2 A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will not only provide you with all the vitamins, minerals and fibre required, they’ve also been proven to help fight cancer and heart disease

Tip 3 A moderate intake of low fat dairy is essential. Dairy is vital to help keep your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis

Tip 4 Try to think of meat as a side dish and not the meal’s main event

Tip 5 Protein should make up a portion of your meal, but try to eat more non-meat sources of protein rather than red meat poultry i.e. fish and eggs

Tip 6 You don’t have to stop eating fats, oils, and sweets, but remember fat is fat whether it be good fat or bad fat. Balance is key

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, aim for the following proportions in your diet

Vibe are professionals in designing tailor-made nutritional programmes. Contact us today to chat about your requirements.

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