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Warm Up

A good warm-up session should increase your body temperature, circulation and muscle elasticity preparing you psychologically for the workout ahead

A structured session (10 – 30 minutes) will stimulate the large muscle groups. Jogging, step, skipping, cycling will all raise your heart rate and body’s core temperature

Stretch, stretch and then stretch some more

Stretching is an integral part of any workout – lengthening the core muscle groups in preparation for the work ahead. There are 3 core types of stretching to be aware of:

Static stretching – involves the gradual lengthening of a muscle to a stretched position where it is held

PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) – a form of static stretching incorporating isometric contraction of a stretched muscle. In everyday English this means applying an immovable force to a stretched muscle which in turn helps to lengthen the muscle

Ballistic stretching often referred to as dynamic stretching – involves bouncing or movement at the point of maximum stretch. We don’t recommend doing this as it can result in injury due to the stretch reflex. If over-stretching through bouncing occurs the result may be a tightening of the muscle rather than the desired loosening

Flexibility is highly joint specific meaning that a high degree of flexibility in one joint doesn’t necessarily mean that the same degree of flexibility will exist in other joints. To improve flexibility the muscle should be stretched beyond its normal length

Cool down after your session!

Cooling down may seem like a waste of time but it is important to maintain the muscles ability to return blood from the extremities to the heart following any exercise session

After working out a large supply of blood remains in the working muscle and if this is not returned promptly to the central circulation pooling of the blood may occur in the muscle. If the brain doesn’t receive sufficient blood fainting can occur

The most effective way to cool down is by continuing the activity you are doing at a much lower intensity. Walking or light jogging for some minutes after exercise is a perfect way to cool down

Gentle movement should continue until the heart rate returns to a steady state. Static and PNF stretching should be included at the end of the cool down

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