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  • You’ll have someone to motivate you while you work out
  • You’re more likely to turn up at the gym when you’ve arranged to work out with someone there
  • When you’re around other motivated people, you’re more likely to stick to good habits
  • You can spot each other, and ensure you both work out safely and effectively

Another reason to have a gym buddy or workout buddy is to boost your training intensity. It’s a bit like training with a personal trainer. You’ll focus on the exercise and help you get more out of the session.

When you train alone, it’s very easy to rest for too long between sets of exercise. Rest periods should be no more than one minute (2 minutes if you’ve just done a really tough set and you’re gasping for breath!).

With a ViBe gym buddy, you should be doing your set, and then they do their set straight after you, so you’re in continuous exercise mode.

A crucial advantage of having a ViBe gym buddy is that it makes the whole experience more fun. You’re getting human interaction with someone who helps you reach your goals, rather than just going it alone. You can exchange ideas and tips as you go along, and inject some competition and humor into your sessions.

So come book your Gym Buddy right now!

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